Aquaponics (marriage of aquaculture and hydroponics) has been used for food production since the days of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (600 BCE). Today, increasing interest in indoor vertical farming and advent of precise environmental monitoring and control technologies, aquaponics is poised to be a disruptor of the multi-trillion dollar agribusiness sector. Come and hear how fish, fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms can be locally grown with only 5% of typical outdoor agriculture water budgets, on only 10% of typical agricultural-land footprint and without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Is aquaponics a pipedream or possibly the holy grail for food production?

 About Our Speaker

Dr. Carl Mazur – I was born in St-Jerome, Quebec and moved to Vancouver in 1986 after completing my undergrad degree in Marine Biology at McGill University. I worked as a biologist for a couple of years and was then invited to come and play at UBC where I did a Master’s degree in fish physiology and a PhD in Fish immunology / bacteriology. My MSc research contributed to a better understanding of the environmental conditions that illicit physiological stress responses leading to immunosuppression in salmonids. For my PhD, I examined the cellular response of fish cell lines to pH and temperature changes and how these cells express novel protective intracellular proteins in response to these fundamental environmental stressors. Upon graduating with my PhD, I took on a very different challenge and started a Biotech licensing, sales and distribution company focused on bringing novel human tissue regeneration products from around the world to Canada. I ran this business successfully for 15 years. After a few years away from business I decided that I might still have one more life chapter to write. I thought to combine my collective skill sets and come back to my first love / passion which is everything aquatic / marine and do something that might be beneficial for the planet, my children, and eventual future grandkids. Enter Terra-Mars Aquaponics.


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